Sunday, November 27, 2011

week 2

The main thing that  I learned from week 2 was that action research is done all the time.  When teachers or administrators have problem come up most of the time action research is done to alleviate them.  Another thing that keeps coming back is as teachers and administrators, we are continually learning.  Being data driven is very important.  We have data at the end of our fingertips and we need to be constantly taking advantage of it to ensure the success of students and ultimately the campus and school district.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

How Educational Leaders Might use Blogs

Educational leaders can use blogs in the process of reflection and since others will be blogging too, it can used in action research.  This allows for more learning which as a leader you can never get enough of learning

What I've Learned About Action Research

One of things that I have learned about action research is that as a teacher I have been doing this all along with my colleagues, I just did not put a name on it.  We would get together and examine what is needed more, what was working and not working and then decide on a direction.  I can see as a leader how action research will be an important part of the job just as it is in teaching.  Analyzing in a collaborative allows for diverse thinking which is important since schools are so diverse now.  Issues that need to be addressed are different in different areas or importance of the issues may be different.  Action research is more personal because each school is analyzing, clarifying, and reflecting on what concerns their school. I have also learned how important it is to continue to learn because when you stop then you are not offering your best to the school as a whole.  Action research also gives new insight which will give you as a leader a better ability to make more informed choices.  Another thing I want to always to remember is to keep asking yourself why, because when you ask why that means you are wanting to learn which is important for a leader.